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Urban Vision Report for Downtown Lufkin District Approved!!

The Lufkin City Council voted tonight in support of a recent Lufkin Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) Board of Directors unanimous vote to approve and fund a planning, urban design, and landscape vision by the architectural firm Asakura Robinson (AR). The LEDC envisions dynamic urban places with accessible transportation infrastructure and engaging, multi-functional, environmentally sound, public gathering spaces that celebrate the unique culture, heritage, and creativity of our community.

“The architectural firm (Asakura Robinson) has built a solid reputation for sustainable design solutions and design excellence. LEDC will be laser-focused that any downtown projects will include interaction, diversity, and innovation. This project has the potential to enhance the vitality for sustained growth in Lufkin’s downtown and surrounding areas. LEDC is enthusiastic about the benefits of this project and how it can complement our city’s recent economic development successes” said Bob Samford, Director of Lufkin Economic Development Corporation.

The AR work plan to achieve the project objectives will be divided into three phases- Understand, Envision, and Act. This task will culminate with a Downtown Vision Report (DVR) which will detail specific actions, priorities, cost estimates, potential public/private funding sources and a timeline for completion. The timeline for the DVR is approximately 5 months and a cost not to exceed $50 thousand which will be paid by LEDC.


Official Press Release- AR Urban Development City Council