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Lufkin Serves as a hub for Deep East Texas and Angelina County. Lufkin is ideally situated for those who enjoy small-town convenience with all the big city amenities of jobs, education, governmental services, medical services, shopping, and entertainment.

At approximately 40,000 in population with around a 100,000 day-time population, Lufkin is the largest community between Tyler in northeast Texas and Houston on the Texas Coast and is conveniently equidistant to both.

Lufkin is located at the junction of Hwy 69 and Hwy 59 and bisected by Hwy 103 which connects East Texas to Natchitoches and central Louisiana. Additionally, long term transportation plans will provide even better access to and from Lufkin as it is a planned HUB of the new Trans-Texas Corridor 69 project as well as a major expansion of the Hwy 103 “El Camino Real Hwy.”

Unlike other comfortably small communities, Lufkin is also home to both award-winning mass transit and municipal airports.

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