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Target Industries in Lufkin, Texas

Five core industries are present in Lufkin, Texas: forest products, aerospace & military defense, manufacturing, medical, and food products. Each contributes to a local and regional economy with the capacity to welcome additional companies that have an interest in East Texas. Lufkin’s access to a vast amount of water – 74 million gallons/day – is a powerful differentiator for the city and for businesses that require this natural resource to fuel their operations.

Forest Products:

Lumber manufacturing and production has an extensive presence in Lufkin. Learn more about the forest products industry, and how it continues to shape the region.

Aerospace & Military Defense:

World-renowned global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin employs more than 250 people in Lufkin. Learn more about how this company, and others, influence the economy in East Texas and beyond.


Manufacturing soars in Lufkin where numerous operations bring innovative solutions to the market. Learn how manufacturing continues to be a dominant industry in Angelina County.


Award-winning healthcare institutions – including one of the nation’s premier cardiac hospitals – serve 14 counties, and provide cutting edge medical technology.

Food Products:

Pilgrims Pride, Holmes Smokehouse, and Atkinson Candy Company are produced in Lufkin and found at major retailers across the country. Learn more about the food products companies that call Lufkin home.